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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

6:00 pm again, that is and you have sent in literally hundreds of pictures around the area and that is very big. u stream live video and you click on that tab and to suddens your url and this is coming to us live from immediate. and we'll do this all day. the fox 5 news at 6 begins right now. >> the washington d.c. region getting slammed by a one-two winter weather punch and first, the fat, heavy, wet snowflakes and second in the middle of rush hour. good evening, i'm brian bolter live outside of the studios and
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on wisconsin avenue. it's coming down in droves an inch an hour and that is feeling look you're in the rain and that is accumulating here and the roads are doing okay. as we pan over, you can see the folks on the bus. how are you? and that is nice and warm inside. the busy are getting by just fine and checking in on metro and they're running on emergency routes and have seen some cars getting stuck on the roads and we're not through the thick of that and live traffic cam picture, the roads vary depending on where you are and where this system come is coming through and that is coming from the southwest and running through the d.c. area and that is about now moving northeast and as the storm progresses, the roads continue to get worse and i want to bring in sue palka and she's talking about what we heard.
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the huge rolling thunder and the crack from lightning and that is scary and makes you wonder where are we with the storm? >> i think what we can sumyself is the intense energy is coming through and we're starting to max out with the snow rate. the water content is not to be believed and feels like you're in that rainstorm and this is where we're going have the one- to inch amount and into the next few hours and it's heavy and wet and people are taking it slow and if you hang in there, this is over and the big concern, the wind is picking up, the trees are covered with snow and hope that we don't have the power outages as the winds start and we in the middle of what is going to be the worst of it, phones, with the heavy snow rates the next
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few hours and that is from midnight. let's go to gary mcgrady and are you seeing anymore lightning strikes showing up? >> reporter: i'm not. based on what i am seeing, the heaviest of the snow is from the district and that is to the northwest and that is on the potomac river. those of you either side, whether or not you're in loudoun county or western- southwestern secs of montgomery county, and that is the heaviest now. i had an indication that there could be a thunderstorm moving through there and just a few minutes ago, we had the lightning strike right there in chevy chase and that is in northwest and confirmed by a lot of people seeing the thunder and lightning and as you can see here, you can see where the snow is and that is all that gray on the radar from the district and that touched annapolis and severna park and
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baltimore south and some heavy snow. and to that bay, it's rain and true view will show you how the whole storm is moving along, the rain with the head of the storm and where that warm air is coming up and that classic area of low pressure offshore to the del marva and to the west now, looks like we're beginning to see the back edge of this break up and that is to cross on over 81 and that is to the east-northeast and the one to two-hour snow and that is piling up. and thinking in general, four to eight inches and some amounts. am i sending it? and let me know. >> we want to get back to what might be the breaking news at the top of the hour and that is the crack of lightning and the role of thunder. that happened simultaneously
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about 5:55 and immediately, i'm reporting here as a witness, immediately we heard a lot of fire trucks that were rushing to the scene and i want to go to bob barnard and is live in bethesda and that is that situation between you in bethesda and me in the northwest. >> and that is that big loud explosion and this traffic light is dark and this is as you're heading, the cars are heading north toward the beltway and this is here. part of the problem, too, and this is slippery. you see the steps on it again here and he's having some issues. and this is, frankly, the first person we have seen and that is getting stuck because of it and we heard the transformer blow and that is troublesome before
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and is out of order. to the right, we'll show you the commercial district with power and that is a neighborhood there and that number of houses went dark and some of our viewers are in the dark and this had no traffic lights and that is creating more trouble for the people who are trying to get home and this guy, this car now made traction and is moving out of here and a short time ago, we spoke to other drivers stuck in this mess. >> and i made two blocks progress in an hour. >> in an hour? and i'm going to pull off in the parking lot and wait there and i'm not going anywhere here. >> 45 minutes in five blocks and that is about how that is going to be and have to get to
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the going, too. >> and on the way home trying to get out. >> we're back here live now and some tires losing track and we have heard anecdotally that someone i -- someone i know very well abandoned her car in rockville trying to make her way home and said there were others los angeles in the downtown rockville area and this is so slick and the wheels report turning and we heard stories of people abandoning their cars and to try to get home that way and this is packing right away. and we saw eight blows southbound on wisconsin, laying sand and with one contractor
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doing plowing and nothing yet northbound and that is more difficult than it has been and hasn't been a good commute so far. >> and bob barnard live up the street in bethesda. the fire trucks continue to roll-up and down on wisconsin avenue, and taking care of an explosion and a transfarmer -- transformer. if you're home, you're safe and sound and this is that non- event and this is a packable snow and we got about two inches and the jackpot is in the frederick area and in 270. it started snowing early and heavy with you today. >> and i don't know if i feel like a lottery winner and there is -- i feel like a popsicle, coming down hard, heavy and fast and in frederick, i'm in the grassy area and there is a
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parking lot there and you walk do into the parking lot and i would say, gary, the snow coming down about two inches an hour and we have probably now about five, maybe even six inches of snow on that grown. we had a whole caravan of plows that came through on the right lane here and they plowed the lane to the pavement, you can't see it now and see the plows there coming through? that is just coming down so fast and so heavy, so hard here and that is going to continue to get worse. the preparations are over, the snow plows filled up and with that sand trying to get things clear and that is comings down too fast. the ground is blanketed with some white stuff and two inches an hour coming down and people
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who came out earlier today went shopping in the shopping center, having lunch at the restaurant and came out and surprised by what they found. >> i wasn't expecting it. >> and that is dry, right? >> yeah. >> and now what does it look like? >> looks worse. >> and this is wonderland. >> what did you think when you walked outside? re did . this come from? >> yeah, where is your hat? [ indiscernible ] >> where is the starve? >> i didn't think i needed gloves. >> not that big of a deal. i just know that i have plenty of milk and bread for good. >> reporter: you heard it there and thank god he took pity on us and got us warm coffee and look at this, brian and i have been out here for a few minutes and the snow is sticking all over my gods and -- gloves and clothes and that is what i mean when i feel like a popsicle and
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they have the emergency center up and running here, the road crews are out here and they're telling me, people, if you live in the subdivisions and on the neighborhood streets, use plows and they're going to come through two, maybe three times before they can get the roads clear and right now, we're in the middle of this. >> and there is a silver lining to all of this and that people got this early and they were able to get out of work and go home early and that is not the case and they would have gotten off the roads and gotten home earlier and right now, wisconsin avenue is with gridlock and paul wagner is down there and there is a situation at a metro stop in that area and, obviously, a lot of issues transportationwise and we saw it coming.
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here it is. >> and let me try to bring you up to date. what we know about dupont circle metro and there is a report of a buyer and smoke in the tunnel -- and woodley park i went to the tunnel and saw that one train was coming into the station and everyone was asked to get off that train and then they went and moved through and toward whidbey park and they got off and on to that train and that train moved through and then i waited and i watched another train come from the other direction and that appeared that things were getting back to normal and i have been out of the tunnel for 15 minutes now and the firefighters who were standing here a few minutes ago, they all took their gear and went back to the fire truck and that looks like the redline here is moving again. he told me the incident was up closer to whitley park and that is what we know about the redline here and as far as the snow is concerned, the wind is
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blowing and that is wet snow,nasty and awful and i am going to walk here and try to show you what dumont circle looks like and there is some shoveling going on here and the snow is very, very wet and that is very, very slushy. the temperature gauge said new that it's 31 degrees and that has dropped here from 33 when we first got here a couple of hours ago now and a couple of degrees to 31 degrees and dupont circle is a mess and that is moving very, very slowly. they don't seem to be as impatient, brian, as we heard others in some of the other live shots that we have been seeing and hearing from sherri ly and bob barnard, a lot of horn honking. people seem to be patient and expected this. they knew it was going to be like this and gridlock in the city when you have a snowstorm and people are dealing with it and that is a nasty mess out
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here, brian. very, very wet and windy and very cold. >> and i wonder aloud here because of the back-to-back blizzards we had back here and this snowstorm -- snowstorm is par for the course and people are taking it in course than they would have freed the blizzard times, the back-to- back blizzards and that is probably -- another day but bears repeating this snow is heavy and wet. so when you get out and about tonight or tomorrow, when you think about doing some shoveling you have to take precautions there. >> the trucks are -- keep an eye on the roads. >> we're monitoring things here and you talked about the slushy mess there. the same way in virginia on the roads and talk about the traffic camera, show you what traffic is looking like now and this is route 1 and at route
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110. joan morris from v dot earlier was talking about how the salt and treatment that they had put down earlier in the day and overnight and the overnight hours last night has washed away because of the rain that came through and they're retreating the roads again and that is causing that -- washing that away and causing slick conditions, slicker-than-normal conditions out there today and you heard brian say that 2,000 of the 2600 trucks are out there on the roads and they're going to continue to be out there overnight, continuing to treat, plow and retreat the roads. trying to make it okay for tomorrow's morning commute. you can expect a lot of the same tomorrow morning. not quite as that obviously as it is now and because the snow is supposed to stop around midnight tonight. it will be slick and slow going again tomorrow morning. it this is route 50 at gleed road, not too terrible here and you can see, that it's very, very slushy out there. arlington ridge at gleed road here, the backup on the right side of the screen, very, very
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bad and this is how it is all over the road. people try to -- as people try to make it home throughout the region tonight and back out to you. >> laura, same story here. we hear the spinning of tires out here and can't forget this started off as a slushy mess and the snow on top of it. and looks like you can get traction with your roads and tires. i can tell you -- and do you hear that? another car trying to drive, perhaps, not going very fast and keeping an eye on all things weather-wise in the washington, d.c. area. stay with fox 5 all night long for continuing coverage. sue palka and gary mcgrady watching the forecast closely for you to give you the latest update and gets out of here soon. key can -- we can say sayonara. we'll have the road closures and cancellations on fox 5 morning news, starting at 3:55 a.m. and, of course, send us your pictures, send us your video. snap a pic and throw it on the web and we'll put it up on the
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website. check out all the other weather pictures and videos on a look around the area at some of the traffic cams. we'll take a break and come back after this. 7!x.. 0@ g2(
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>> we're out and about in the washington region, you're looking at the live picture from the u stream cameras and that is from inside the vehicle on the beltway and the roads are a slushy, slippery mess and that is slow going with gridlock and you're lucky if you see a snow plow in time and many waiting for the rest to get over before they're out there and if you know someone on the roads, encourage them to take the time and go slow and that is going to be a long, long evening and i have been here 11 years and never ceases to amaze me how many people jog
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in any type of weather possible in washington, d.c., and we have seen two people in shorts jogging down wisconsin avenue today and true to form, washington is taking this in stride and go to fox 5 wisdom martin in fairfax tonight with a look at the situation out there. wisdom? >> we're live in tyson's corner and the situation is bad and when we got out here, that was rain and sleet and got worse the last few hours, turning into a mess in other parts of the area and as people are coming into the gas station here to get some gas, a lot of people are getting stuck in the area, sliding back and forth and a couple of car his to sit her for -- here for a few minutes and we pushed two of the cars out and that is a dicey situation with the roads and let me get this man here
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and you're from where? >> the international 7. >> how far do you have to go? >> to gainesville. >> are you nervous about driving in the conditions? >> luckily i have four-wheel drive and i'm not nervous about it and it's take know a long time, 2 1/2 hours to get here. >> from that build something. that is about right. >> and what are the roads like from that distance? >> and that is turned around a couple of times and some people were spun out and it's a mess. >> what about tomorrow? you know, tomorrow, i don't know if you're coming to work, i see the snow is blowing everyone's face. you have plans for tomorrow? >> thank god. and good luck on the roads tonight. all right. and again, we have some people who are out here in the area walking and you can see the snow is coming down more and picked up tremendously as far as the snow coming down and
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this is blurry. one car will pull out and another will hit the gas hard and if they stop, they're going to be stuck and that is the situation here. a number of cars out here and cars are honking and trying to get momentum up the hill. and this is looking like a four- wheel drive car and pulling to the gas station and that is empty. this car is sitting for some time and waiting until the area is clear and i have seen them the past few minutes spinning out and there is that possibility they stuck like other cars in this area and at the intersection right here and this is what that gentlemen was talking about. >> there is a situation,
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another car is stuck in this area and spinning out. that is the situation all along and we have a lot of cars and there is plenty of traffic on a regular normal day and how it can be out here and when you start talking about snow, slick roads and slush and mush, that is worse and with all these people out here, we know it's going to be a long, long trip home and we talked to the man who said it took him an hour or more and to go a couple of blocks to the going. >> wisdom martin reporting live for us. the weather is the great equalizer, very few people are immune and includeing the president of the united states. he was on air force one coming back from wisconsin. we understand the motorcade has been stuck in traffic. like the rest of washington, d.c. and we're working that story on the other side. 
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>> continuing weather coverage here and we spoke with one of the drivers and in that red car. one producer went out and asked her how long she was stuck in traffic and she said she's been in wisconsin avenue for an hour and a half. we're on the chevy chase-d.c. line on wisconsin avenue and she said she has been in her car an hour and a half so far trying to get around and someone else stuck in the traffic here, albeit in friendlier confines, the president of the united states. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom with that story. >> reporter: the president's had a lot of fun the last few years poking fun at washington tonians -- washingtonians. and it turned for him this afternoon. the president travelled to wisconsin today as part of a followup to the state-of-the- union there and met with people
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to talk about new emerging technical industries. on the way back, though, air force one landed at 4:43 in maryland, promptly plan planting -- planting into the middle of the snowstorm and from there, the motorcade made its way into washington. according to the official white house pooler who is in the president's motorcade, the motorcade got bogged down at one point in travelling in all of this snow and the president got off the plane at 4:53 this afternoon and that motorcade get got on the road at 4:55 and at 5:25, the motorcade was going through washington traffic and normally, that is a trip that takes 20 minutes and we're told it made it to 395 and the white house called it a travel photo and that means there will be no news for the foreseeable evening at this point and this is an unusual situation. normally the president's
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motorcade is able to make a b line from andrews air force base outside of washington and into the white house complex. that was not the case and that was an unusual situation for the command in chief and leader of the free world to get stuck like everyone else on a snowy rush hour evening. >> and tom fitzgerald reporting live. looking now at a fire truck trying to make its way down wisconsin avenue, stuck like everyone else is, in gibbload -- gridlock traffic and the snow continues to fall an inch an hour, perhaps two inches an hour and i want to go back to the top of the newscast. we mentioned what was a flash of lightning a role of -- roll of thunder and immediately you heard emergency vehicles spooning and we were told the transformer in the bethesda area exploded. we have on the phone tom graham, the president of pepco and thank you for joining us. can you address the transformer situation first off? >> reporter: i'm not aware of the particular situation and i know we have about 20,000
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customers in either service and the majority of them are in montgomery county, 16,000. >> and are you expecting more as the snow continues to fall, a heavy, wet snow that is laying on the power lines like concrete. >> and that potential does exist. we have states and crews in our rockville service center and we have also put additional resources on the phones or our call center and we will be operating on a 24-hour basis and that is also very important to note if you are out of service, call 1-877-pepco-62 and also to stay away from downed wires and report those immediately. >> are you getting any reports of downed wires? >> i don't know what that down wire count is at this moment, but i would imagine with the weight of the snow coming down on the limbs, although we have done over 1500 miles of trimming, since septe a


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